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Characteristics of Hardwood Floors
Hardwood FloorsHardwood flooring in Los Angeles is uniquely special. They are classic, timeless, and offer years of enjoyment. The material can transform as well as add ambiance and character to any room in your home. The natural features associated with wood increases the feeling of warmth and depth, along with a visual appearance that lots of other kinds of floors attempt to replicate. Wood is beautiful, durable, and adds value to your home.

With the recent advancement in the manufacturer’s ability to produce higher quality finishes together with exceptional building methods, hardwood floors for Los Angeles homes now fit any budget and can be installed wherever you want, even over numerous types of subfloors.

When choosing materials for your home, it is important to make sure how to judge quality and affordability. Depending on the type of wood you are looking for, there are many retailers in the area that can source the product you want to purchase. But for shoppers who want to save and get top-quality products at the lowest prices, Cheap Floors LA can provide the quality you want and the pricing you can afford.

If you are considering purchasing hardwood flooring in Los Angeles, here are some tips and information that may help you in selecting your floor while saving you money in the process.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

• Solid Wood – solid piece of wood from top to bottom
• Engineered – real wood, manufactured using three to nine different layers of veneers
• Floating – not secured to any sub-floor
• Hand-Scraped – has a natural, worn appearance
• Exotic – includes woods like Cherry, Brazilian, etc.
• Distressed – wide planks, engineered wood

How Your Flooring is Made

The type of product you purchase is going to have an impact on how they are made.

For solid hardwoods, the floors are constructed with a single plank, made from single pieces of wood. This material offers excellent durability, and is most desirable for homeowners.

With engineered types, the planks are constructed by gluing together a number of wood piles, with synthetic or authentic veneer glued on top of it. The core board is the wood that is directly below the veneer planks. Piles are stacked on top of one another to create the core board, and are glued together in opposite directions to create more strength.

If you choose an acrylic base, the engineered material will undergo a process where liquid acrylic is placed over the wood, in order to strengthen the quality and to support the wood structure.

While all products will undergo a different construction process depending on the style, there are certain methods that the manufacturer will perform in order to ensure quality, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal.

Wood is available in prefinished and unfinished types, in different widths, as well as in different heights.
One of the methods in rating this material is by measuring hardness. The most commonly used method to measure hardness is the Janka rating scale. While these hardness ratings are not absolute, they do provide a way to relatively compare one type with another. The scale establishes oak as a baseline at a rating of 1290, while other species like walnut rate closer to 4000.

With different species now secured from all over the world, the variety offered by both domestic and exotic markets provides shoppers with a broader range of options to choose from. Here are some of the more popular species: Walnut, Maple, Brazilian Cherry, Cherry, Rosewood, Santos Mahogany, Tigerwood, Jatoba, Merbau, Teak, and Hickory.

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Regardless of what your budget is, or which style, color, or grade you are looking for, choosing to shop with us is a great way to save and find quality products.

Contacting the Right Specialist

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