Laminate Floors

How to Install Laminate Flooring for Los Angeles Homes & Businesses

laminate floors Laminate flooring for Los Angeles properties delivers the stunning look of genuine hardwood floors. While this material is extremely affordable, it offers excellent durability against floor traffic, household pets, and spills.

Four Basic Layers of Laminate Floors

If you are planning to purchase this material for your home, then you might be wondering how it is created. First of all, you must know that this type is made up of four basic layers: the pattern layer, the wear layer, core, and the balancing layer.

The primary layer, also sometimes called the bottom layer or stabilizing layer, functions as the balancing layer. Its job is to withstand moisture and reinforce the additional layers.

The second layer functions as the core layer. This particular layer is composed of a top denseness fiber board that has been soaked in resin to strengthen the actual core and to make it water repellent.

The third layer is the pattern layer. Typically, the pattern layer or coating is a thin paper that has been printed with a particular wood grain and finish to mimic the look of hardwood floor planks.

To shield the actual pattern paper, a transparent wear layer is integrated with the plank. The actual wear layer is made of melamine resin that is incredibly durable. This is actually the layer which protects the planks from gouges, moisture penetration, and stains.

Now that you know how this is made, you should also learn about how to find the right product, how much the product would cost, and where to find the right brand.

History of Laminate Floors

Laminate is certainly one of the most famous types of flooring products. Since its introduction into the U.S. market ten years ago, the product has grown to be the leader among floorings. The initial laminate products were introduced in the Swedish marketplace in the 1980′s. The material is usually referred to as Pergo, the name of the Swedish company that launched laminate two decades ago. These days, there is a huge selection of floor brands and styles to choose from.

While this material originated from Europe, North America has likewise taken great interest in this product due to its affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Square tiles and planks are available in different sizes, colors, and finishes. Companies that specialize in laminate flooring for Los Angeles properties provide homeowners endless design options to beautify their homes.

Normally, How Much Will Installation Cost?

In case you have decided on getting this type of floor, then you can decide whether you will perform the installation by yourself or hire the services of a professional. Installing regular laminate flooring in Los Angeles varies in pricing; the best way to know what the cost is by setting up a convenient Free in home estimate. Whether you are doing one room or an entire house in laminate flooring our experts will come out measure your floors, assess the environment and provide you a total price including disposal of the old floors, preparation of the subfloor, moving the furniture, providing and installing the underlayment as well as the transition moldings and base moldings. Our flooring specialists will also discuss the installation process and the length of time it would take to complete the job. All this backed up by a guaranteed best price as well as installation.

A lot of laminate flooring in Los Angeles homes are installed by do it themselves enthusiasts. You can install the flooring by yourself if you have a basic understanding of how to install. It is not that hard if you’re able to figure out the difference of a drill from a saw, and if you’re willing to do actual physical work.

If you’re not sure how to proceed with the installation, contact us and will provide access to DIY videos to help you out. You can study the manufacturer’s recommendations, following their steps and methods when you go about installing your laminate floors.


Here are just some of the top brands of Laminate flooring manufacturers we carry:
• Armstrong
• Mannington
• Pergo
• Quick Step
• Alloc
• Shaw
• Tarkett