Frequently Asked Questions

Buy high quality flooring at the lowest prices. Learn about our low price guarantee, credit card purchases, flooring accessories and samples, shipping policy, safe delivery, returns, exchanges, online security.


Your prices seem too good to be true. Will I be getting the same high quality products I’d get elsewhere?

It may be hard to believe, but we’re selling the same high-quality flooring you’d find down the street, for less. How? Very simple! We are efficient, our personnel is highly professional and we have everything we need to run a reliable, profitable business. We keep costs down and volume high so that we can pass savings on to you. CheapFloors does not sell factory seconds, all our products come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.


What makes you so special compared to other flooring companies?

Quite simply, the high quality flooring products, combined with the outstanding customer service. When you purchase from us, you’ll know that you own something truly special. Part of our uniqueness stems from being a market leader, which brings a value-added component to the online shopping process. Understanding the market and each client’s unique requirements is critical to our success over the long haul.


I’ve found a lower price for a product on a competitor’s site. Do you have a low price guarantee?

Yes. First we’ll have to make sure that we eliminate any “hidden” reason for the lower price. Then, if it turns out that we are more expensive, we guarantee to beat any online competitor’s price for the same product. See our “lowest price guarantee” for further details.


Is it safe to place an order online? Can you guarantee online transactions?

CheapFloors has been in the retail floor covering business for over 20 years and is supported by a brick-and-mortar business. Our main concern has always been the customer and NOT the single purchase. When you order with us, not only you benefit from the most advanced security measures, but we also offer a delivery guarantee, so that you can return the product within 15-days. For additional peace of mind, pay for your order with a major credit card. Credit card companies often provide added purchase protection.

Need more help? Cheapfloorslosangeles.com representatives are available to guide you through the ordering process.


How long before I receive my order?

Products in stock are usually shipped within the next business day after you place your order. Please allow 3-10 business days for shipping. Feel free to call your CheapFloors representative for checking your order status.


Can I view samples at factory pick-up locations?

Factory pick-up locations are not showrooms and do not have samples for viewing. They are warehouses strictly for pick-up orders.


Can I order separate flooring accessories online?

You can order separate flooring accessories without ordering floorings, but only over the phone. Since accessories are product-specific, choose first the flooring product for which you want the accessories. Enter any square footage (even if you don’t buy that floor), in order to display the respective accessories list. Search the accessories list and choose the accessories you’d like to order. Ready to order? Call our sales department at (877) 247-3566 and place an order.


Can you send me samples of floorings?

Sure, no problem. We’d be happy to mail you free samples of our products. Email us at customerservice@Cheapfloorslosangeles.com with a specific request.


Is my personal information kept private by CheapFloors?

Absolutely! We will NEVER share your personal information with another company.


Will the item’s colors be exactly as they appear on my computer screen?

In our photos, we do our best to show both the color and the texture as they actually are. We try to adjust the colors to appear correctly on most computers. However, your display settings may cause it to appear a little differently.


Our Guarantees

Please visit the Our Guarantee Page to learn more!


Customer Support

CheapFloors guarantees to provide the most professional, reliable customer support, using the most advanced online protection and safety tools. We guarantee to make every possible effort to achieve on-time products delivery. Remember, our customers’ satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction!

CheapFloors guarantees that any personal or business information you provide to us is Not Shared with any third parties involved in the processing of your purchase. We do not share your personally identifiable information with any other entities without your express permission.

We hope that this guarantee will alleviate any concerns you may have regarding CheapFloors Online Store. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we’ll reply any question you may have.


Lowest Prices

CheapFloors wants to get you the latest in flooring for the best possible prices. When you’re shopping for floor covering, you’ll always find the lowest possible prices at CheapFloors. Yet if a competitor claims that he can deliver the same product to your doorstep for a lower price, email us the product type, price and specific URL that features that price at customerservice@Cheapfloorslosangeles.com and we guarantee to beat that price.


Safe Delivery (Shipping)

CheapFloors will take all necessary measures to make sure you get your order on time and at your full satisfaction. We proud ourselves for our good reputation on the delivery and shipment management and we are committed to constantly improve. From hiring the best shipping companies to carefully packing your order to prevent shipping damage, Cheapfloorslosangeles.com is committed to delivering your order safely to your door. CheapFloors does not ship its products to P.O. Boxes. All deliveries must be made to a physical business or home address only. For your security, your order will not be delivered without a recipient signature. If you cannot be available to sign for your package at the time of the delivery, please make sure that an authorized adult is available at the designated shipping address.