Get Quality but Cost-Friendly Flooring in Los Angeles for your Home

Even historical venues as grand as the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville reaches a point when it needs to replace its oak-plank stage. After over 60 years of serving many renowned country singers – Dolly Parton and Bruce Springsteen, to name a couple – the 124-year-old auditorium has finally been refurbished with brand new dark-stained Brazilian teak.

Get Quality but Cost-Friendly Flooring in Los Angeles for your Home

According to an article in the Hardwood Floors Mag:

“[The old stage] simply wasn’t built for the modern needs of a building like this,” says Ryman’s communications manager Lisaann Dupont. “We strengthened the hickory support beams at their bases with concrete, and the joists were reinforced with steel brackets.” The new stage is capable of bearing 120,000 pounds of weight, compared with the 40,000 pounds the old stage could withstand. To honor the old stage’s role in music history, a 3-foot strip of oak from the 1951 stage runs along the front lip of the stage.

You may not have a century-old auditorium in your property, but just the same, this bit of news underscores the importance of maintaining and, when necessary, replacing your flooring with proper quality materials.

As explained by Dupont, it’s not just the appearance that should be taken into consideration when replacing flooring. Its weight capacity must also be factored in, especially because people will be walking, jumping or even running on top of it.

Especially if you are replacing flooring on upper levels of your home, or even just the staircase, you need to make sure to get quality materials to avoid any unfortunate mishaps, such as slips and falls, or even broken wood.

Fortunately, there are a bevy of trustworthy Los Angeles flooring companies that could provide whatever option you may seek. The best part about being in LA is that you need not go very far to find a store that would cater to you with high quality options – and they don’t even have to tear you away from your wallet.

Understandably, cost is among the topmost concerns of homeowners, especially when the matter of replacing flooring is raised. However, you would be pleasantly relieved to know that in as much as there are expensive stores, there also are cost-friendly options for hardwood floors in Los Angeles, such as Cheap Floors Los Angeles.

Should you ever need to upgrade your flooring in the near future, you might as well arm yourself with the proper information for possible options. You don’t have to wait the same length of time that the Ryman Auditorium did just to upgrade your home’s flooring. Ask questions about the quality of materials, types of hardwood, or even get a quote for the probable amount it will cost you to improve your home now.

Source: Nashvill Ryman Auditorium Artists Stand on Brazilian Teak, Hardwood Floors Mag, April/May 2014.