Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles Companies Offer: Types to Choose From



Whether it’s for commercial or residential installation in Los Angeles, hardwood floors bring
an air of class and structural strength. Hardwood flooring Los Angeles residents want can
add a sense of warmth and permanence to any interior. That’s why they remain as one of the most
popular flooring choices in LA.

Hardwood flooring offers Los Angeles residents a wide variety of wood types to consider. Some
wood types are very hard and durable. Others are less hard, making them cheaper and easier
to install. Some have colors that won’t fade even after decades of use. There are also those that
exhibit photosensitivity, changing hues as the level of lighting around them changes. Below are
some popular hardwood choices you might want to consider.

Brazilian Cherry

The most notable feature of this hardwood is its color. It’s a lustrous reddish brown which ages
finely into rich burgundy. Another important aspect of the Brazilian Cherry is how hard it is-it’s
harder than some types of mahogany. If you’re looking for beauty as well as durability, the
Brazilian Cherry will be a good choice among the hardwood floors Los Angeles flooring
companies like Cheap Floors offer.

Red and White Oak

These hardwood types naturally have a pale color, with Red Oak having streaks of pink running
through it. Both are known for the multitude of applications they can be used for: railroad ties,
ship and barn beams, cabinets, furniture, and more. White oak is considered to be slightly
harder than red oak, but the latter is a bit easier to saw and nail.

American Cherry

The American Cherry is an attractive hardwood that’s easy to work with. Aside from flooring, it
has also been widely used for cabinets. It’s not as hard as the previously mentioned hardwoods,
but the American Cherry offers a greater range of colors that darkens and becomes even richer
in tone over time.

Companies that offer flooring Los Angeles residents prefer are numerous, so you’re bound to
have a hard time looking for one in the populous city in the state of California. The trick is to be
patient and ask the right questions. Likewise, try asking those close to you for

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