Laminate Flooring in Los Angeles: Weighing the Pros and Cons



The laminate vs. hardwood flooring debate has been going on for years. It has been fueled by a number of factors, including durability, ease of installation, and cost. If you’re a Los Angeles homeowner who wants to save a bundle yet wants the look of hardwood, then laminate flooring may be what you need. Nevertheless, if you want to delve further into the differences between the two to help yourself decide which one to pick, then here are some pros and cons for both laminate and hardwood flooring.


Hardwood floors tend to be more vulnerable to wear and tear. Laminate flooring in Los Angeles offers better resistance to scratch, stain, and moisture, and is easier to clean and maintain than hardwood. When it comes to repairs, the vast difference lies in the ease of repairing them. Hardwood gets the upper hand on this one because it can be sanded and refinished, while laminate cannot.


Laminate flooring typically comes with tongue-and-groove edges that allow planks to easily snap together. Glues and adhesives are not necessary to install a laminate as it can be installed on virtually all types of sub-wood flooring. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is much more difficult to install because it requires keen carpentry skills. It also involves the use of glues and adhesives.


As mentioned earlier, laminate flooring is way cheaper than hardwood flooring. Laminate can be installed for as little as $7 per square foot. Basic oak flooring will cost around $11.50 per square foot. Plus, the more precious the hardwood, the higher the cost will be. With laminate, the cost remains relatively the same no matter what finish you choose because the finish is only a photographic image of hardwood that covers the composite wood material.

UV Exposure

Los Angeles experiences sunny days all year round and direct exposure to the sun can affect your floor’s quality. Hardwood floors will discolor and fade if they are exposed to lengthy periods of sunlight. In the same vein, laminate flooring in Los Angeles, though UV-protected, may fade after many years.

Laminate and hardwood may look the same, but they are very different. Weighing the pros and cons of each material will help you decide which flooring type suits your needs. You can shop for hardwood and laminate floors at shops like Cheap Floors.


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