Wood Flooring in Los Angeles and Other Cities Benefit the Environment

In the last few decades, we’ve all heard conservationists talk about how the trees need saving. Though this still holds true to this day, the National Wood Flooring Association has come up with studies showing that the use of hardwood flooring in Los Angeles and other urban centers does good for both people and the environment:

Wood flooring is the most abundantly renewable flooring material available. Sustainable forest management makes it possible to harvest wood without any serious impact on the environment, because trees are a renewable resource that can be replaced time and time again.

Environmental benefits of Wood Floors

Less expensive in the long run

Studies have shown that manufacturing wood flooring costs less than its counterparts because it uses less energy and water. It can also last up to hundreds of years, which makes it a cost-effective measure for any homeowner. As far as the environment is concerned, there’s plenty of wood to go around:

While it takes most hardwood trees 40-60 years to mature, the inventory planted today won’t be needed for 100-plus years (Source: National Wood Flooring Association)

Goes around and comes around

Wooden floors are recyclable, meaning they can be re-used or burned as fossil fuel. While trees produce oxygen during their growth cycle, wood will still store carbon during its life as wood products. Less carbon in the air is beneficial to the atmosphere. Oh, and has it been mentioned that according to the EPA, wooden floors can improve indoor air quality?

Wood for your home

Wooden floors do a lot for a home’s design and image. They project timeless elegance and sophistication while maintaining a tranquil nature feel. If you’re considering hardwood floors in Los Angeles, stores such as Cheap Floors Los Angeles have a wide selection of wood flooring types to suit every mood and fit every image.

There are several types of wood flooring on the market (each with a different look) and quite a number of manufacturers as well. Be sure to consult your builder or architect on which floor type suits your needs best. Your family, and Mother Earth, will be eternally grateful down the road.

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