Is Hardwood Flooring in Los Angeles Ideal for Your Newly Built Home?

Deciding on the type of flooring for your home is crucial, considering that, like the walls and ceiling, the floor is one of the last structural elements you will want to replace. If you live in Los Angeles, it’s all the more imperative to pick the right type of flooring, since most homes in the area have to measure up to the county’s reputation of quality lifestyles.

hardwood kitchen flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the finest options you should look at. The following excerpt from Joseph Lewitin’s article for discusses the advantages of hardwood flooring and the intricacy of its installation.

“While hardwood floors do cost more than most alternatives, including a variety of manufactured and resilient options, they also tend to last much longer. Because they can be refinished these materials can get a complete makeover every few years, which allows the floor to easily last for several decades; as long as something doesn’t happen to completely ruin it.

Hardwood is one of the most difficult and complex flooring materials to install in a kitchen. You have to be able to very accurately measure and cut the wooden planks, and then properly nail or adhere them to the subfloor. In general amateurs should be very cautious about undertaking such a project, and unless you know what you are doing, the help of a professional is recommended.”

The secret to a lasting hardwood flooring in Los Angeles is refinishing. Even though the normal interval for floor refinishing is between five and ten years, you can opt to refinish hardwood floors as often as you want. Surface coatings will peel off or fade over time, exposing the wood’s natural surface, particularly in high traffic areas like the porch and kitchen. In addition to making the floor look like new, frequent refinishing will also ensure constant protection from the elements.

Lewintin accurately describes hardwood flooring as among the most difficult flooring types to install. Unlike concrete or carpet, hardwood comes in boards of finely cut wood. Attention to detail is needed to make sure that the boards are tightly placed without leaving any visible void.

For this reason, homemakers should entrust the installation of hardwood flooring in Los Angeles only to skilled flooring providers, like Cheap Floors Los Angeles. Besides proper installation, these flooring specialists can also assure homeowners of an effective and beautiful finishing that will last a long time.

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